BIM Coordinator

New Cairo, Egypt

 We are currently seeking to hire a BIM Coordinator working closely with our project managers, architects, and engineers to ensure the BIM (Building Information Modeling) implementation in our Engineering and design process to improve project coordination and collaboration, as well as to enhance the quality and accuracy of our designs.




·       Ensuring that all members of the project team are following the BIM Execution Plan.

·       Making sure that everyone is using the right software, and exchanging data regularly.

·       Performing the QA/QC (quality assurance/quality check ) for the project models.

·       Managing and maintaining project BIM models, including ensuring that the models are accurate, up-to-date, and accessible to all project stakeholders.

·       Help in Being the go-to person for almost anything BIM-related, including troubleshooting any BIM-related issues that may arise.

·       Monitoring adherence to the BIM Execution Plan and making sure that everyone is working efficiently.

·       Keeping the BIM Execution Plan up-to-date throughout the project.

·       Developing the Revit templates.

·       Creating and developing the Revit Families and Library.





·     6-7 years of experience.

·     Strong knowledge of Revit, and AutoCAD.

·     Knowledge of BIM360, Navisworks, and Dynamo is preferred.

·     Strong understanding of the construction process and building systems.

·     Good communication and coordination skills.

·     Ability to work well in a team.

·     A degree in architecture.


Work Environment:


Working hours: 8:00 to 17:00

Days off: Friday and Saturday

Location: 1st Settlement- New Cairo