IT Engineer

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Welcome to MIMAR Society 

We are always striving to attract and retain highly motivated and talented professionals.

We are currently seeking an IT Engineer to join our Division in Cairo. As an IT Engineer you’ll be responsible for handling company computer systems, including software, hardware and networks.


Preference will be given to qualified candidates who can demonstrate experience in the following:

-    Installation of OS and required service packages: both open source and proprietary.

-    Updating and maintaining OS and software to the latest releases, patches, etc

-    Implement security tools and practices across servers and applications/services.

-    Implementation, operation and management of services like web, mail, DNS, billing, etc.

-    Ensure configurations and data backup of services and implement recovery from disaster.

-    Assist in the operation and maintenance of BT’s LAN/WAN and its services.

-    Function as wholesome Systems Administrator independently or under supervision.

-    Record servers and services/applications logs and analyze them.

-    Support services related to web, mail, DNS, DHCP etc.

-    Maximizing network and PC’s performance by monitoring performance,

-    Troubleshooting network problems and outages, scheduling upgrades and collaborating with network architects on network optimization.

-    Securing network system by establishing and enforcing policies, and defining and monitoring access.

-    The support and administration of firewall environments in line with IT security policy.

-    Remote support of on-site engineer’s PCs.

-    Remote troubleshooting and fault finding if issues occur upon initial installation.

-    Capacity management and audit of IP addressing and hosted devices within MIMAR.

-    Protect systems – servers and services from external and internal threat.

-    Back up, secure and protect data. 

-    Install and maintain ERP system Linux servers.

-    Support, control and provision for the systems storage and needs to keep the system stable. 

-    Install and maintain light current solutions like cameras and finger print machines.


-       Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering/ Computer Science/ Information Technology.  

-       Minimum 1-3 years of experience.

-       Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

-       Excellent interpersonal, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

-       Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.

-       Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines.

-       Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

-       Ability to prioritize tasks and to delegate them when appropriate.

-       Ability to act with integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality.

-       Advanced knowledge of MS Office.


Work Environment:

-        Days off: Friday and Saturday

-       Working hours: 8:00 to17:00

-      Location: 1st Settlement- New Cairo