Senior Document Controller

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As a Senior Document Controller, you will be responsible for providing reports, maintaining and updating electronic information systems, distributing documents, ensuring accuracy of all documentation and regulatory procedures and changes are followed. Preference will be given to a qualified candidate who can demonstrate experience in the following:


•     Design and develop document management system.


•     Controlling projects documentation as per company’s procedures


•     Handle all office documents formatting


•     Setting up distribution requirements, including timeframe


•     Registering the receipt of documents from both internal and external sources


•     Transmitting documents to internal and external parties for review and information


•     Prepare all submissions (soft & hard copies) and ensure delivering to clients/ authorities as requested including logistics requirements.


•     Prepare purchase orders on ERP system and related subconsultants contracts.


•     Coordinating the Document Control cycle from start to finish


•     Producing and issuing document status reports


•     Communicating requirements of the procedure to all project personnel (internal & external) to ensure compliance


•     Ensuring that all issued Project Deliverables are correct in accordance with document control procedures


•     Maintaining Project Deliverables filing & retention system for hard copy and electronic originals of documentation


•     Undertake all other duties that may be assigned by the management staff


Job Requirements:        

- Excellent command of the English Language.


- Excellent knowledge of MS Office (Excel – Word).


- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.


-  Minimum 6 years of experience in engineering consultant field.


Work Environment:

-  Working hours: 8:00 to17:00

-  Days off: Friday and Saturday

-  Location: 1st Settlement- New Cairo