Senior HR Specialist

New Cairo, Egypt

Welcome to MIMAR Society 

We are always striving to attract and retain highly motivated and talented professionals.

Preference will be given to a qualified and resourceful candidate who can support our HR department in ensuring smooth and efficient business operations.



1. Recruitment

-    Implement the recruitment and selection process and conduct competency-based interviews.

-    Create a pool of qualified candidates.

-    Maintain proper hiring paper work (Personnel requisition forms – applications …etc.) & a proper filing system in soft & hard copies.

-    Implement and enhance the onboarding program.

2. Employee Relations

-    Maintain communications systems that ensure the accurate flow of information inside the organization & that the voice of employees is being heard in a proper, professional and fair way

-    Maintain Retention programs.

-    Conduct proper exit interviews as a multifunctional tool.

-    Maintain Corporate Culture.

-    Conduct investigations for all complains in coordination with legal department when needed

 3. Performance Management

-   Implement & maintain proper systems & processes for all MIMAR departments that ensure smooth & cost-effective operation that improve quality of performance.

-   Help in setting performance standards.

-   Conduct proper performance appraisals & ensuring fairness & transparency.

-   Monitor Performance standards & ensuring that reporting system is being maintained in due time.

4. Compensation and Benefits

-    Coordinate all related activities to health, life and social insurance coverage.

-    Payroll preparation and processing.

-    Generate and verify payroll reports.



-    Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related field required.

-    Minimum 8 years of human resource management experience preferred.

-    Excellent English language is a must.

-    Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

-    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

-    Ability to prioritize tasks and to delegate them when appropriate.

-    Ability to act with integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality.

-    Good knowledge of employment-related laws and regulations.

Work Environment:

-   Days off: Friday and Saturday

-   Working hours: 8:00 to17:00

-   Location: 1st Settlement- New Cairo