Site Architect /Interior Fit-out

New Cairo, Egypt

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·   Regularly visit the sites; respond to any technical and engineering issues, drawing modifications, in a timely and effective manner while keeping quality standards.

·   Directly report to the design manager to ensure that all materials and shop drawings are in accordance with the approved design.

·   Capture photographs, create sketches, and use all available technological ways to communicate task progress to design managers.

·   ensuring that the task is done on schedule, in an orderly and cost-effective manner, and in accordance with the approved design and quality requirements

·   Supervising material selection and verifying that all materials utilized and work performed conform to specifications and approved samples.

·   Coordinate with the site team on any concerns relating to design difficulties in order to resolve all issues as soon as possible.

·    Conduct quality checks on in-progress and completed work to ensure that all standards and specifications are met.

·   Handling any unexpected technical difficulties related to the design or other concerns that may arise. After reporting to the manager.

·    Acting as the principal technical adviser for all fit-out concerns.


Job Requirements:

• A bachelor's degree in interior design or architectural engineering is required.

• 7+ years of experience in a reputable interior fit-out firm.

• Working on large-scale fit-out projects that need the use of high-end finishing materials and equipment. In-depth understanding of all aspects of interior design.

• Prior expertise with turnkey interior execution is preferred.

• Previous experience completing high-end interior designs projects is required.

• Proficient in English. Writing and speaking

• Creativity and the skills to handle several activities and projects at the same time.

• Use sound judgement and decision-making, be proactive and anticipate client requirements, recognize problem areas effectively, and negotiate and mediate when required to resolve concerns.


Work Environment:

Days off: Friday

Location: Cairo