Site Senior Landscape Architect

New Cairo, Egypt

Welcome to MIMAR Society 

We are always striving to attract and retain highly motivated and talented professionals.

Preference will be given to qualified candidates who can demonstrate experience in the following:


  • Hardscape Earthwork, Excavation, Backfilling, & Final Finishing Supervision as per Approved Shop Drawing.

  • Hardscape Sub Grade, Sub Base, Bedding Sand, and Hunching Construction and Supervision.

  • Softscape Construction and Supervision such as Turf, Trees, Palms, Shrubs, Ground Cover, Seasonal Flower and Landscape Material.

  • Softscape Earthwork, Excavation, Soil mixing, Backfilling and Final Finish Supervision.

  • Irrigation Network Installation and Supervision such as Primary and Secondary lines, Sprinkler, Bubbler, Drip lines, Solenoid valve, Quick Coupler, Air Relief valve, and Irrigation Controller.

  • Irrigation Network Earthwork, Excavation, Installation, and Backfilling Supervision.

  • Landscape and Irrigation Material Inspection and Checking on delivery to Site and during installation.

Job Requirements
15+ years of experience. 
Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. 

Excellent skills in construction, supervision, site coordination and execution of the project. 
Flair for creativity and design. 
High attention to detail with excellent organization skills. 

Work Environment:
Working hours: 8:30 to 16:30
Day off: Friday
Location: New Cairo